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    Professional Audio Production for your show backed by 5 years of military touring and a combined 20+ years of industry experience

    Live on the set

    we utilize the latest in avid production technology to ensure the best possible show delivery no matter the location. Our standard pro tools rig coupled with avid live consoles can provide the option to multitrack your show live to achieve the best sounding mixdown for your performance.


    In the studio

    We take care of all your audio related pre production needs. From organizing backing tracks, to gathering your media clips and organizing them for your show. our professional staff members will exceed your expectations every time.


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  • NEWS

    Mercenary Audio Recently Produced Smashbox Cosmetics Annual Round Table Meeting. WE handled Audio, Video and Lighting

    More news Coming soon......
  • Why Choose Mercenary Audio over the others?

    Experience, service & talent

    The name originally conceived on a military good will tour back in 2010 to Iraq, is has grown over the years to a full service live production team. Utilizing our core avid technology platform, we can take your project directly from the studio and recreate your unique sound with precision in a live environment. Based out of Los Angeles, California, our experienced team of industry professionals at Mercenary Audio can support your project either locally or on tour with international reach from concept to completion.

    • Audio Production
    • The first and most important step to making your show a success is Audio. Whatever the message / impression you want to deliver to your audience, if they cant hear it or it sounds muddy, unclear or distorted then no mater what you do, you might as well be standing on a half apple with a city cone.
    • Lighting Design
    • Ok, so now everyone can hear you... now its time for your audience to see you to strengthen your message / impression. We utilize the latest in Martin and Clay packy to ensure your show looks the absolute best it can.
    • Staging and Equipment rentals
    • Our inventory would not be complete without a few trucks full of Steel decking to lift your show up to a whole new level, and the gear to make your show look and sound amazing. At merc audio we strive to make every show a 10 out of 10 experience since anything less means we must have missed something.

  • Merc Audio Services

    with Our unified Avid live production platform and experienced industry professionals, we have the tools and the talent to make your show a complete success.

    Live audio Production @ multitracking

    Virtual sound check
    Technology coordination
    PA system Provider

    Lighting Design

    Intelligent lighting
    World class LED Lighting
    Audio Lighting syncronization

    Pre Production

    Backing track editing
    Rehearsal support
    Show Technology planning

    Event Production

    Sound Design
    Lighting Design
    Video Production

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